Our History in High Tech

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Dorothy Webster, a Tech Pubs Manager in San Francisco, started selling contract technical writers in the 1980s. The business really picked up when IBM, Dell, and Apple started making personal computers. People did not know what to do with software like Multiplan and MacWrite, and needed short, clear directions.

We have seen it all

Techwriters.com has found and placed skilled, talented tech writers to explain mainframe computers, servers, desktop computers, and the earliest websites. We know which writers can tell users what to do, for them to succeed.

The dot com boom

From 1995 to 2000, we had so many calls for technical writers, we started the first private vocational school to train more of them, the nationally certified Webster Institute of Technical Writing in downtown San Francisco and Santa Clara graduated 387 new, skilled tech writers.

People who worked as travel agents, teachers, scientists, and administrative assistants learned how to do tech writing, using FrameMaker, and RoboHelp. Many of our graduates still work as technical writers.

Going nationwide

For Silicon Valley software, chip, and equipment makers, and now for companies making IT products everywhere, our recruiters understand their technology and products. Whatever your requirement: server software, databases, web services, APIs, AWS, proposals, policies and procedures, white papers–we know what experience you need.

You do not have to worry about what a Webster tech writer will produce. His or her deliverables will meet your highest expectations—and those of your customers.

A database of qualified writers—in every state

We know writers who have worked in technical publications departments at known software and hardware companies, in your state. Often, clients keep the contract tech writer we give them for years. We call references and verify that our writers meet deadlines, produce high-quality instructions, and fit in with your team.